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So Sue Me!

(UPDATED December 30, 2011)

We thought it was interesting when we read that PIEtech, Inc., a company in Powhatan, Virginia, actually asked to be a defendant in a patent infringement lawsuit that involved one of its clients.

Forty Lashes

Normally this blog isn't known for keeping up with any of the (many, and seemingly interchangeable) Kardashians, but we couldn't pass this one up: A resident of Beverly Hills has filed for a trademark on the name "KardashianLash," and the Kardashian clan is not amused.

Keeping Us Occupied

As if the news weren't already sufficiently preoccupied with Occupy Wall Street stories, we bring you another one. But instead of featuring the exploits, arrests or debauchery of bored college kids living off their capitalist pig parents, let us tell you the tale of some good old American opportunists making a beeline for the Trademark Office.

A Fairytale Ending for a Facebook Lawsuit

Filing a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook had a happy ending for WhoGlue, a "relationship-management-software developer" recently acquired by the social networking giant.

WhoGlue sued Facebook in September 2009 for infringment of U.S. Patent No. 7,246,164, which was awarded to WhoGlue in 2007 for a “Distributed personal relationship information management system and methods.”

Don't Delay!

Promptness is a trait valued by party planners looking for RSVPs - and it seems insurers value it pretty highly, too. Case in point: Rockland Exposition, Inc., v. Great American Assurance Co.

The Latest on Lodsys

As dozens of app developers look to the horizon, hoping for Apple and Google to make Lodsys go away on their behalf, some are taking matters into their own hands.

One, a college sophomore named Michael Karr who developed an app called 69 Positions (don't ask), figured he'd waited long enough for the cavalry and agreed to take a license from Lodsys.