The GPC Suite of Services

What differentiates General Patent Corporation (GPC) from any other business or organization is the comprehensive package of services we offer our patent enforcement clients.

  • Evaluate the viability of your infringement claim: At no cost or obligation to you or your business, General Patent will analyze your claim of patent infringement to determine if your patent can withstand a challenge of its validity, if infringement can be proven, and if there are sufficient damages to make a patent enforcement campaign a financially viable enterprise.
  • Identify all potential infringers: We are often able to identify additional infringers beyond those you may have initially identified. The more infringers there are, the more financially viable a patent enforcement campaign can be.
  • Reduce your business’s liability: Through a unique business model, we may be able to reduce your business’s exposure to counterclaims or other legal actions by the infringer(s).
  • Select a law firm or firms to litigate the claim: GPC has relationships with some of the most talented IP litigators in the U.S., and can pick the law firm best suited to handle your specific patent litigation.
  • Supervise and coordinate the work of the law firm(s): If there are multiple infringer-defendants, there may be multiple law firms trying the patent infringement lawsuits, so there work needs to be coordinated.
  • Provide strategic direction: Our in-house legal staff works with the attorneys assigned to your business’s case when key decisions have to be made. Two of the key strategic decisions that have to be made are in which venue (or court location) to file the patent infringement litigation and, if there are multiple infringers, which infringer to sue first.
  • Manage patent reexamination(s), if appropriate: Your business’s patent may be forced into reexamination, or we may decide to voluntarily put it in reexamination. In either event, we hire a patent agent or patent attorney and supervise the process.
  • Supervise patent continuation(s), if appropriate: If we decide to file for continuations on your business’s patent(s), we hire a patent agent or patent attorney and supervise the process.
  • Underwrite all litigation expenses: These are known as “disbursements” and they can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, even a million of dollars or more. These include:
    • Filing fees
    • Travel costs
    • Written and/or video depositions and other document production
    • Experts and expert witnesses
    • Trial demonstratives
    • Jury consultants
    • Mock jury trials
    • Reexaminations and/or continuations
  • Supervise settlement negotiations: While we are always prepared to go to trial, not all patent lawsuits are settled by a jury. We may be able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement.
  • Handle all licensing negotiations: Not all infringers need to be sued to produce results for the patent owner. We can often negotiate licenses without filing a patent infringement lawsuit against each and every infringer.
  • Monitor all royalty payments: We make sure that you receive all the compensation you are entitled to for the use of your patent(s).
  • Maintain your patent(s) or other IP: We make sure all fees are paid so your patents and other IP remain valid until their expiration.

While every business does not need or use all of the programs in the GPC Suite of Services, all of them are available to all General Patent clients at no cost. Remember that it costs your business nothing to have General Patent analyze your claim of patent infringement to determine if a patent enforcement campaign is a viable option. Complete a Patent Infringement Inquiry or call us toll-free at 888-927-9273.