Patent Brokerage

Most businesses approach General Patent about a patent infringement issue, but if your business is not facing infringement, and want to sell or license your patents or other intellectual property, General Patent can assist through our patent broker business unit.

Alternately, if your business submits a patent enforcement claim to us for analysis, and we determine for whatever reason that it is not a claim we can pursue on your business’s behalf, our patent brokerage business unit may be able to help you monetize your patent(s) or other IP by finding a buyer or licensees for them.

Just as General Patent represents patent enforcement clients on a contingency basis, our patent brokerage represents clients who want to sell their patents on a contingency basis, receiving payment for their services from the revenue they generate for your business. We also represent businesses that want to license their patents on a hybrid formula that includes a monthly retainer plus a performance bonus.

Want to Monetize Your Patents or Other IP?
Our patent brokerage will take a look at your patent or patent portfolio at no cost to determine if they believe your IP assets can be sold or licensed. If they believe they can, the the patent brokerage will offer to represent your business and will put together a comprehensive marketing plan on your behalf.