"Microsoft Win in Court May Cut Chances in Congress"

Alexander Poltorak was quoted in Bloomberg News, September 5, 2007, "Microsoft Win in Court May Cut Chances in Congress".


"The effort to reform the patent system has been going on for years, and many people just stopped paying attention," said Alexander Poltorak, owner of a patent licensing company and author of two books on patents. "Now they're waking up to the possibility that it might just pass and that it would be a disaster."

Transcript of Paul Lerner's Interview with the Wall Street Reporter on December 8, 2000

Paul Lerner, Sr. VP and General Counsel of GPC, discusses patent enforcement, the increase in the number of patents being filed and litigated, and how GPC plans to handle the rapid growth of the IP industry.

Interviewer: Phillip Silverstein

Interviewee: Paul J. Lerner

Silverstein: From the studios of the Wall Street Reporter in New York City, this is Phillip Silverstein. Our guest today is Paul J. Lerner, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, General Patent Corporation. Paul, good morning.

Lerner: Good morning, Phil.

Transcript of Alexander Poltorak's Radio Interview with the Wall Street Reporter, March 17, 2000

In this in-depth interview, Dr. Poltorak describes the fields of patent enforcement and technology transfer in detail, and discusses what separates GPC from our competition.

Interviewer: Sam Stone

Interviewee: Alexander Poltorak

Sam Stone: "Recorded live from our studios located in the financial district of New York City, this is Sam Stone for Wall Street Reporter magazine. My guest today is Alexander Poltorak. He is Chief Executive Officer of privately held General Patent Corporation. Alex, welcome to the program."

Transcript of Alexander Poltorak's Radio Interview with Bloomberg News on May 3, 2000

Dr. Poltorak discusses e-commerce and the growth - and complexity - of the new "business method" patents

Interviewer: David Zielenziger

Interviewee: Alexander Poltorak

Bloomberg: This is David Zielenziger of Bloomberg News. Welcome to Internet Action. On the line with us from Suffern, New York is Alexander Poltorak, the Chairman and Chief Executive of General Patent Corporation. Alex, welcome to Bloomberg.

Alex: Thank you David.

Allergan Settles Patent Lawsuit with Jan Marini

As of July 21, 2008, Allergan is dismissing its lawsuit against Jan Marini Skin Research, which had been one of the defendants in Allergan's patent infringement lawsuit pending in the US District Court of California.

Jan Marini acknowledged the validity of Allergan's patents covering the use of certain drug substances to promote eyelash enhancement, and agreed to halt its distribution of Jan Marini products containing those ingredients in the US and other countries in which Allergan holds related patents.

General Patent Wins Reexaminations for ACT's Patents

SUFFERN, NY, December 27, 2005 - General Patent Corporation International (GPCI) announced an important victory in its patent enforcement campaign on behalf of Advanced Card Technologies LLC (ACT). The reexamination of two of ACT's patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) resulted in an affirmation of validity of these two patents with approximately two hundred new claims being issued.

The reexamination proceedings at the Patent Office were initiated in response to a patent infringement law suit brought by the prior owner of ACT's patents, a pioneer in card technology, SSI Technologies. Reexamination was requested for ACT's U.S. Patent Nos. 5,720,158 ("Information Card Package") and 5,921,584 ("Card Display Package"). The patents generally relate to packages for cards that have a magnetic stripe, such as gift, phone, and other types of cards. During the reexaminations, the new claims were found to be patentable over numerous patents and publications which were brought to the attention of the Patent Office.

"We were confident from the outset of these proceedings that the inventions embodied in these patents would be found to be patentable," said Neil Cohen, GPCI's Assistant General Counsel. "The question of the validity of these patents has now been put to rest."