IP Advisory Services

Among all of a business’s assets, its intellectual property (IP) is the most elusive. Real estate, equipment, inventory, cash and accounts receivables all show up on your corporate Balance Sheet. But when your business’s Engineering or R&D Department invents something, and files for and receives a patent, an asset of significant value is created, but it is an asset that rarely shows up on the Balance Sheet. In addition to patents, there are also trademarks, service marks, copyrights, trade secrets and other IP that your business owns.

Your business’s IP – just like all of your other assets – needs to be managed and utilized for maximum ROI. General Patent Corporation (GPC) offers businesses of all sizes these IP advisory services:

  • IP Audit: Just as you have your financials audited, it make sense to have your IP assets audited by an qualified professional who can detail exactly what IP your company owns.
  • IP Valuation: General Patent can also put a realistic value on your company’s intellectual property, possibly discovering significant assets you did not realize your company had!
  • IP Strategy: GPC can help your business determine how it can best utilize the IP it has, be that monetizing it or using it to give your company a strategic or competitive advantage.
  • Portfolio Triage: Among, for example, all of your company’s patents, which should be kept, which should be abandoned (there is no reason to pay renewal fees on patents that have no value), and which should be sold or licensed?
  • Technology Transfer: General Patent may be able to find applications for your business’s patents and other IP that can be applied and used in other industries. For example, many businesses are hesitant to license a patent to a direct competitor because it simply creates new products that compete with the business’s current products. However, if the same patent can be licensed to a business in another industry, it can create revenue for the business without creating new competing products for the company’s current product lines.

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